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At Rancho del Comienzo, we believe in starting from the beginning.

El comienzo:

the start or the beginning

The success of every horse, regardless of discipline, starts with careful management and the establishment of a strong foundation.

A video tour of our facilities:

I had the good fortune to be introduced to Taylor Randall through my friend, the owner of a highly respected show barn on the International show circuit. Taylor was their star trainer. She started their young imported European horses as well as the Warmbloods they bred. I owned a four year old Oldenburg gelding who was ready to be started. My decades of experience as a rider did not translate to training. I needed an expert. Finding Taylor launched the skills both my horse and I needed. Taylors natural character as a patient horsewoman who genuinely understands young horses and their behavior was instrumental in my very strong willed and mischievous colt turning into a dream ride. The collaboration and trust Taylor invests in her horses and their owners is a three way relationship that thrives on her adorable nature. Always happy and full of joy, her barn radiates a happy place for horse and rider. The horses sense her enjoyment and also her very committed request to learn the skills she is teaching them.

Taylor is a horsewoman who works and trains all breeds and ages. She is equally comfortable in an English saddle as she is a Western saddle. She encourages riders of all ages and horses from all disciplines to perform in their best light.

An opportunity to board, train and ride with Taylor Randall at Rancho del Comienzo is a gift I encourage you to take.

Elizabeth Le Coq Currier

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“Anything forced or misunderstood can never be beautiful.”


Rancho del Comienzo offers various training options to fit your needs. Click here for more information.


"Live in the sunshine ... drink the wild air."


Options include group pasture board, private pens, and limited stall board. Click here for more information.

At Rancho del Comienzo, we strive for the development of healthy, happy horses that are willing partners in a variety of disciplines. Through the study and application of horse behavior, psychology, and biomechanics, we aim to build a strong foundation for lifelong success.


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